[ This blurb was written by band member Lot. ]



Soj is the mastermind of the Warchicks. We all met in junior high school, but I knew we had a band there and then when Soj heard Delilah's singing and stopped playing piano. He never did that before, he's very serious about that!


I admire Soj's work ethic; he doesn't come out of the War Room until he's finished with the compositions. I worry about him frankly but at least I can manage to get him to eat twice per day when he's in that mood. We wouldn't be able to perform, otherwise :)


He's considered silent, brooding and mysterious, which is weird for me. To me, he's shy, wise and thoughtful. He minces words a lot and only speaks when he knows others listen. Which is why people think he's mysterious? Not sure, I still get confused when younger fans make edits on their blogs and write fanfiction about him and A.J. from the Peace Boyz.

Date of birth: 2 September


influences: Delia Derbyshire, Max Roach, Queen Liliʻuokalani


equipment: Moog synthesizer, Keyboards


social media: Twitter (unitdeltaplus)


trivia: He doesn't correct people when they call him a girl. Just means a free dinner if offered.

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