[ This blurb was written by band member Soj. ]



The power of Lot's ancestors burst out as thunder and lightning with each rumble of her drums. In the great tradition of Buddy Rich and Neil Peart,  she shows her real self when the lights come down on her, her g-d blessing her with divine presence. The drums live, they speak to the audience and all eyes remain on her hands as they deftly demonstrate why she's truly the new great drummer of our generation.


She's also the rock of our band, the one who will bring us back to the blue planet if we ever drift away too far. We each have our roles, and each is equally as important, but Lot? Without Lot, the rhythms of the night, the jungle, and the misfits wouldn't unfurl and flow throughout the mists. She leads our Warchildren through our the breaks in our holy mass. She answers their loud prayers with her drums and no words, just noise.

Date of birth: 22 April


influences: Rick Allen, Mike Terrana, Sheila E.


equipment: Drums


social media: Twitter (warchicks), Instagram (lottadrumming)


trivia: She loves computer games, especially Sierra and Wadjet Eye games.

Delilah and The Warchicks, et al (C) NAAN. 2013 - present. Any resemblance to any living or dead person is totally coincidental in this  work of fiction.