Date of birth: 19 November


influences: Maria Callas, Pat Benatar, Siouxsie Sioux


equipment: Vocals, Guitar


social media: None.


trivia: She likes candlelight.

[ This blurb was written by band member Asta and edited by the band's manager. The views and opinions expressed here do not reflect the official position of Renata Records, except that we also think Delilah's voice rocks and that people just consider a career change. ]



Nobody believed a red-hot babe with a cold-ice voice could exist in real life; but Delilah proves the critics wrong!


This is easy-o to do because all critics are just Ivory Tower to think up an original idea instead of repeating Jack from State Farm's bullshit about Delilah's voice compelling you to have babies for Satan or burn down houses for Russia! And that jackbungle J. Bucket's insistence on listening to our songs while at the same time whining about us giving him aneurysms! I wish we actually did! He SUCKS at his SIDE job.


Born out of the sweet lady lovin' vags of Lisa Dalbello and Cass Elliot,  if they were lady lovers, the husky voice of Delilah is your calm before the storm. She sings you to sleep before grabbing you by your gender appropriate organs, or I guess lack of organs if you're a JOHNNY SOMEBODY, and seducing you in your ear with her deep, lovemakey voice. (Hey, if old farts Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow seduced you and your parents, you don't have any standards and you should accept that!) Then she fills you up with sweet juices that'll pump you faster than a baseball player's stash -- and that's where you can ROCK TOGETHER with your designated driver! But don't take my word for it, or do I guess. Why else would you be reading this biography instead of having your daily eargasm?!

Delilah and The Warchicks, et al (C) NAAN. 2013 - present. Any resemblance to any living or dead person is totally coincidental in this  work of fiction.