• August 9, 2018: New website! Ain't it purdy?! And we didn't even hire some podunk web designer this time! That's right, it was ME! So direct all your hate mail to me, anti-Warkidds >:D It's not like you even listen to us in the first place! --Asta



[ mysteriously, there are no updates between 2013 and 2018. Almost like some indian bread never worked on this, and instead did something stupid like grad school and another comic ]



Previous News

• January 28 2013: It's here!! (WHADDYA MEAN THAT TOOK TWO YEARS, WE HAD TO DO DIVE BARS TO GET OURSELVES OUT THERE YOU KEYBOARD LOSERS) Our new single Fragmented is out, along with the music video! Check it out here! --Asta


• June 11, 2011: New single coming soon!! That is all :9 --Asta, still not writing under duress especially thanks to Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo Uniform Delta Alfa Hotel Lima India Alfa Alfa November Delta Uniform Romeo Golf Alfa Golf Oscar Romeo Delta Echo Romeo


• January 1, 2011: New promo pictures!! W00t! --Asta, not writing a lot under duress  [ mysteriously, there is no gallery on this website. yet. ]


• October 11, 2010: Behold! We have joined the birdclan! Follow us on Twitter at @warchicks and we'll follow you back if we like your band, know you personally or think you look cool. Other than that, don't spam us. Unless it's photos of the Spam Museum. Have you seen that shit?! IT'S ALL ABOUT SPAM!!!! The guy who made the museum must have died after 2 months. --Asta


• August 22, 2010: We're getting out there in the world! We forgot that uh, people do websites now. And not like, these weirdos who try to do the electronic devices that will burn their little hotdogs, but damn, even The Slut Pit has a home on cyberspace! Those people took two years to get in on the Skype Revolution! (Good music though.) If you got a paper slip from a sexy suited lady, that's our manager, hands off, please, and also, have FUN ON OUR WEBSITE!! We did not go for an Altavista look, suck it. --Asta

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